Time to Keep It Cool  /  HEART to HEART!

#906Eli Ayase • 3rd Year, µ's, BiBi

I Tried to Come Up With a Pose...  /  Mysterious Jewelry

#904Shioriko Mifune • 1st Year, Nijigasaki, R3BIRTH

Little Demons, Gather at My Feet!  /  Step! ZERO to ONE

#905Yoshiko Tsushima • 1st Year, Aqours, Guilty Kiss

Peridot Power Charge!  /  Miracle STAY TUNE!

#902Setsuna Yuki • 2nd Year, Nijigasaki, A·ZU·NA

I Made It For You  /  Mysterious Jewelry

#901Kotori Minami • 2nd Year, µ's, Printemps

It's Kind of Embarrassing...  /  Mysterious Jewelry

#903Ai Miyashita • 2nd Year, Nijigasaki, DiverDiva