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Hi. This is a pretty good card database for SIF All Stars. We try to keep the site updated whenever new cards are released in-game.

Idol List

Find all of your favourite school idol's cards.

Card Sets

See cards grouped by collection. Slightly sinister placeholders included.

Detailed Search

Filter cards by any criteria (including skills, etc.).

You can see recent card releases on the schedule pages:

More stuff is available in the navigation menus above. You can also switch the language for card titles and your preferred game region (for release info) by clicking on the gear icon.

Get in touch

You can send anonymous feedback using this form. (also available under the More menu). Or join the Triangular Services Discord server (work in progress).

For machines

We make our card data available via JSON API to anyone who wants to work with it. Use it in your team builder, self-driving car, or smart fridge. See the documentation here, and remember to send feedback, as the interfaces are still subject to change.