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I'm Getting Better and Better at This  /  Dia's Illusion

#547Dia Kurosawa • 3rd Year, Aqours, AZALEA

Our Fun Drive Starts Now!  /  Mari the Mysterious, Alluring Thief

#602Mari Ohara • 3rd Year, Aqours, Guilty Kiss

So Weird. I Guess That's Not It...  /  It's Showtime!

#583Kanata Konoe • 3rd Year, Nijigasaki, QU4RTZ

No One Can Manage That Out of the Blue  /  I'm Here

#619Mia Taylor • 3rd Year, Nijigasaki, R3BIRTH

I'll Try to Sound Relaxed When I Sing  /  Grand Blue Fairy

#620Kanan Matsuura • 3rd Year, Aqours, AZALEA

Just Stay Still for Me  /  Animism Messenger

#728Nozomi Tojo • 3rd Year, µ's, lily white

M-My Legs Are Numb... I Can't...  /  Punky Nico

#673Nico Yazawa • 3rd Year, µ's, BiBi

I Might Doze If My Mind Wanders  /  Holy Violet

#565Karin Asaka • 3rd Year, Nijigasaki, DiverDiva

Eat It While It's Still Piping Hot  /  Snow Fantasy

#593Eli Ayase • 3rd Year, µ's, BiBi

One, Two, Three, Four  /  Splash Mermaid

#727Emma Verde • 3rd Year, Nijigasaki, QU4RTZ