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Perfect Weather for the Star Festival  /  Princess of the Night Sky

#492Rin Hoshizora • 1st Year, µ's, lily white

Mmm! It's Delicious!  /  Princess of the Night Sky

#490Riko Sakurauchi • 2nd Year, Aqours, Guilty Kiss

Kasumin's Wish  /  Princess of the Night Sky

#493Kasumi Nakasu • 1st Year, Nijigasaki, QU4RTZ

Sorry to Keep You Waiting  /  Angelic Angel

#491Nozomi Tojo • 3rd Year, µ's, lily white

I Think I'm Starting to Get Sleepy  /  Mijuku DREAMER

#495Chika Takami • 2nd Year, Aqours, CYaRon!

To Express My Feelings  /  Rainbow Heart

#494Rina Tennoji • 1st Year, Nijigasaki, QU4RTZ