We'll Get a Beautiful View of the Moon  /  Sparkling Moonlit Night

#751Kanan Matsuura • 3rd Year, Aqours, AZALEA

We Will Destroy Your Wicked Ambition!  /  Sparkling Moonlit Night

#749Setsuna Yuki • 2nd Year, Nijigasaki, A·ZU·NA

I'm Truly Happy  /  Sparkling Moonlit Night

#752Shioriko Mifune • 1st Year, Nijigasaki, R3BIRTH

D-Doesn't It Look Weird?  /  Mermaid festa vol.1

#754Rin Hoshizora • 1st Year, µ's, lily white

I'm Overjoyed That I Get to Try This!  /  Thank you, FRIENDS!!

#750Dia Kurosawa • 3rd Year, Aqours, AZALEA

I Want to Look Back on This Forever!  /  Ye Mingzhu

#753Lanzhu Zhong • 2nd Year, Nijigasaki, R3BIRTH