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Um... *Smile* T-Tee-hee!  /  Western Arts

#757Hanayo Koizumi • 1st Year, µ's, Printemps

I Shall Bring This Game to an End!  /  Western Arts

#760Dia Kurosawa • 3rd Year, Aqours, AZALEA

I'll Make You Mine  /  Western Arts

#759Kasumi Nakasu • 1st Year, Nijigasaki, QU4RTZ

Why Don’t We Play with Some Stakes?  /  Mermaid Festa Vol.1

#761Nozomi Tojo • 3rd Year, µ's, lily white

So Many Different Dances!  /  Thank you, FRIENDS!!

#758Hanamaru Kunikida • 1st Year, Aqours, AZALEA

Ugh, Missed Again!  /  Mirai Harmony

#762Karin Asaka • 3rd Year, Nijigasaki, DiverDiva