With Thanks from the Owner  /  A Great Day for Cats

#634Nozomi Tojo • 3rd Year, µ's, lily white

Little Black Cat Who Loves Ribbons?  /  A Great Day for Cats

#633Dia Kurosawa • 3rd Year, Aqours, AZALEA

Stay Like That... Don't Move, Now!  /  A Great Day for Cats

#631Ai Miyashita • 2nd Year, Nijigasaki, DiverDiva

Wait! That Tail!  /  Bokura wa Ima no Naka de

#636Kotori Minami • 2nd Year, µ's, Printemps

They're All Mesmerized by the Ribbon!  /  MY Mai☆TONIGHT

#632Ruby Kurosawa • 1st Year, Aqours, CYaRon!

Hee Hee! That Tickles!  /  Rainbow Waltz

#635Karin Asaka • 3rd Year, Nijigasaki, DiverDiva