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I Can't Wait to Show off This Costume!  /  Mirai no Bokura wa Shitteru yo

#718Ruby Kurosawa • 1st Year, Aqours, CYaRon!

We All Match!  /  Colorful Dreams! Colorful Smiles!

#717Lanzhu Zhong • 2nd Year, Nijigasaki, R3BIRTH

No Task Too Difficult!  /  Star Seeker

#716Yoshiko Tsushima • 1st Year, Aqours, Guilty Kiss

Ta-da! The Costumes are Done!  /  Colorful Dreams! Colorful Smiles!

#714Kanata Konoe • 3rd Year, Nijigasaki, QU4RTZ

We Are the Closest of Friends!  /  Star Seeker

#713Setsuna Yuki • 2nd Year, Nijigasaki, A·ZU·NA

Look Up at the Sky  /  Star Seeker

#715Umi Sonoda • 2nd Year, µ's, lily white