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I Want to Walk This Path!  /  Just Believe!!!

#484Setsuna Yuki • 2nd Year, Nijigasaki, A·ZU·NA

Wait for Me, Little Butterfly!  /  No Brand Girls

#485Rin Hoshizora • 1st Year, µ's, lily white

Wh-What's Going On?!  /  A Dress to Dream About

#483Mari Ohara • 3rd Year, Aqours, Guilty Kiss

I'm Pretty Good, Huh?  /  A Dress to Dream About

#480Ai Miyashita • 2nd Year, Nijigasaki, DiverDiva

I'm Going to Go Say Hello  /  HAPPY PARTY TRAIN

#481Dia Kurosawa • 3rd Year, Aqours, AZALEA

My Heart Belongs to All of You!  /  A Dress to Dream About

#482Nico Yazawa • 3rd Year, µ's, BiBi